Reading Roundup

Here’s what’s been on my nightstand and in my backpack lately:

An Exact Replica of a Figment of My ImaginationElizabeth McCracken
McCracken gets it. I wanted to highlight entire pages. As the cover pull quote says, “This is the happiest story in the world with the saddest ending.” Continue reading “Reading Roundup”


Content That’s Worthy: Medill Talent Q

We all know that content is more important than ever in marketing. Think about which ads or campaigns stick with you – and you’ll likely realize that it’s typically the content itself that resonates, rather than a smart placement or a unique product. As panelist Joe Rosenthal from Ogilvy noted, “You don’t want to be lectured to. You don’t want to be sold to.” Rather, marketers must develop interesting, relevant content that reconciles the consumer’s needs and wants with the product’s offering.

Three weeks after the annual Medill Talent Q Expo, here’s what’s still rattling around in my head. (Plus, as a result of my procrastination, you can access videos of the whole expo right here.) Continue reading “Content That’s Worthy: Medill Talent Q”

When Algorithms are Jerks*

If you shop on Amazon, the site seems to know you pretty damn well. (Especially with more than a decade of browsing and buying history.) But sometimes they miss a beat.

Algorithm inputsAll spring and early summer, I devoted a lot (ahem) of online time to reading about pregnancy and babies and motherhood. (As one does.) I read tons of reviews as I researched baby products and philosophies. And Amazon remembers every step of it. 
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Rejoining the World

After 14 weeks off, I woke up before dawn Monday and trudged into work.

IMG_20171009_081245848.jpgIt was largely surreal, especially since we had moved less than two weeks before The Incident and I hadn’t quite nailed down my new commute. But getting off the train downtown, everything was pretty much the same: the same steely gazes of commuters striding towards their offices, the same river smells and traffic sounds, the same panhandlers with the same stories. The light was different than in June, with the slant and softness of autumn.
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